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Our Approach

"What Moves You?"

We asked ourselves the same question we ask our health coaching clients - What gets your out of bed in the morning? What lights the fire in your belly? What's your why? What MOVES you?

The resounding answer was we wanted to create happy, healthy communities by giving people the tools they need to succeed on their wellness journey and MVME was born.

With the average American spending over half their waking hours at work, MVME set our sights on offices across the country with a mission to make wellness part of how you do business.


Our Story

Poor health costs the United States 1.8 trillion dollars (with a T!) per year and for every dollar spent in healthcare, only $0.05 is used for prevention!

This got us thinking...

What if you could make every workplace a healthy and engaging environment?
What if you could improve access to doctors, physical therapists, mental health services, and health coaches?
What if you could easily identify health and lifestyle risks and create your own personal wellness team?

With MVME, you can!

Let's Chat...

We'd love to meet you!  Feel free to email us directly or complete contact form to schedule a demo and FREE worksite health evaluation!