What is "wellness"?

Wellness can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  At MVME we believe wellness encompasses more than just eating kale and going to the gym...

We work side-by-side with our clients to give their teams the awareness, knowledge, motivation, skills, and support to perform at their best in life and at work.

We are a wellness company but more than that we are a people company.  MVME focuses on three key areas to improve the health, happiness, and productivity of your team.


Our behavior is heavily influenced by our environment and social interactions. By creating a culture of health and focusing on positive social influences we set ourselves up for success on the road to wellness.


Your life that is!  Taking care of the body and strengthening the mind should be a part of daily living.  We focus on diet, sleep, nutrition, and exercise of the body and the mind.


Emotional wellbeing and the development of purpose in life bring true happiness.  Finding your "why", your passions, the fire in your belly will keep you moving toward your goals long after the initial spark of motivation has faded.

Wellness as a business strategy

When you consider your particular business model and understand that without people your business couldn’t survive, putting your people at the core of your mission begins to make sense. When you align your wellness program with your unique organizational objectives, you put your team at the center of your business and create an enduring foundation that will drive success.
Helping your team improve their health should correlate to greater efficiency, clarity and energy levels thereby increasing organizational productivity and profits.

Think of it this way.

Athletes are high performers, organized, fit, energetic, focused and disciplined. Put enough high-performing athletes together on the same team and you’re looking at the next Super Bowl champions.

Integrating some of the same principles and strategies into your business similar to high-performing sports teams are likely to lead to increased effectiveness giving you sustained competitive advantage.

Want to Bring MVME Wellness to Your Organization?

Are you ready to bring a culture of wellness to your organization?  We would love to provide a free organizational assessment to help get you started! Let's talk soon.