The Pro’s and Con’s of Caffeine

But first, coffee!

We are an over-caffeinated culture, running full steam ahead on espresso, coffee, energy drinks, herbal teas, and caffeinated supplements.  Artisanal coffee shops are popping up all over the country, cold-brew has taken the world by storm and energy drink manufacturers are seeing an all-time high in sales, but what does this mean for our health?coffee cup, coffee beans, caffeine

In the corporate world, you can always find a few people hanging around the Keurig or coffee pot. Most apps and websites you visit were built on the back of Red Bull and Monsters.  From college students to start-up entrepreneurs it seems that caffeine is an essential part of the success – or even daily function.

This led us to ask our nutritionist and RD intern Anna Eide – Is caffeine bad for you? How much is too much? What are the healthiest sources of caffeine?  We sent Kaelon Russell, our Lead Wellness Strategist to meet Anna at the Coastal Peaks Coffee in San Luis Obispo to uncover the truth about caffeine – Take a listen below! HINT you might be surprised by what you learn! Leave you thoughts in the comments below!

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Caffeine – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
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