‘Tis the season for open-enrollment which means many companies are rethinking health benefits and considering implementing or tweaking their existing wellness program.  There are traditional reasons for worksite wellness initiatives such as reduced injuries and absenteeism, improved productivity, lower insurance premiums and making your business a business of choice for potential employees.  Forward thinking companies however are beginning to realize that a well designed employee wellness program is a solid business strategy; one that can help them outperform competitors.  Let’s discuss.


When you consider your particular business model and understand that without people your business couldn’t survive, putting people first at the core of your mission begins to make sense. When you align your wellness program with your unique organizational objectives, you put your people at the center of your business and create a foundation that will endure over the long term to drive the success of your business. Helping your team improve their health should correlate to greater efficiency, clarity and energy levels thereby increasing organizational productivity and profits.  Think of it this way.  Athletes are high performers, organized, fit, energetic, focused and disciplined.  Put enough high-performing athletes together on the same team and you’re looking at the next Super Bowl champions.  Integrating some of the same principles and strategies into your business similar to high-performing sports teams are likely to lead to increased effectiveness giving you sustained competitive advantage.  Let’s summarize.


The Obvious 

Healthier people are a better investment because they’re sick less and tend to be more focused, productive and generally a lot happier making for a more positive environment.  Furthermore, providing programs to help your employees lead better lives outside of the office shows them you care which brings a lot of value to you as a leader and your organization as a whole.


People Focused

When your business objectives are aligned with your people objectives you give meaning and purpose to your employees work.  Pick the right people who resonate with your mission and you’ll create a team of people more passionate about what they do than any of your competitors.


Competitive Advantage

Ideal health is a by-product of education, organization, continual improvement and great coaching.  The product of great health is reduced stress, increased confidence and high-performing teams.  And we know of course that the team that trains the hardest and plays together the best is the team that will triumph.  Finally, we all know that now is the best time to start heading down a healthy path.  If you’re the leader of your organization, there’s no better time than now to start whipping your team into shape.

Julian J. Varela holds a M.S. degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.  Julian also holds a M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy and is a registered MFT intern with the Center for Human Understanding and Growth.
He can be contacted at jvarela@mvmewell.com

Using Wellness as a Business Strategy

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